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About Tensor Systems

Tensor Systems began in 1978 under the name Bearing Testing & Consulting Services performing vibration analysis with hand held vibration meters, tape recorders and desk mounted analysers.

In 1983 we began development of a Hewlett Packard based turbomachinery vibration analysis software for 3D mode shape visualization under steady and transient state conditions, with multiplane, multispeed, flexible rotor balancing. We were awarded US patent # 4607529 in 1984 for the basis of this and present work.

By 1987 we became convinced that a Pc based Online Condition Monitoring Systems for ball bearing and gear type machines was viable and far better than monthly survey measurements.

Analyser-Online Condition Monitoring System

In 2005, to reduce the cost and increase the capability of the system we introduced our first fully digital 24 bit adc, 6 channel, shaft orders resampling system, combining vibration, speed, load, electrical and oil analysis.

Communication is via the internet using our, and our clients standard security for safe connections.

We now have a highly developed and stable in house system of software, firmware and hardware, and a working business model which it supports well. We need to move into expansion mode by partnering and licensing to other competent consultancies.

Digitizer - Online Condition Monitoring Digital System