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Business Plan

Part one

We need to move into expansion mode by encouraging other competent consultancies to become an Online Condition Monitoring Licensee, such that they can establish their own networks of clients using Tensor Systems technology, with minimal up front costs.

Three groups working together, at 8 hr intervals around the world, will allow a 24 hr response.

Part two

To rent long term, rather that sell these systems to clients, to minimize up front costs.

Outsourcing specialized services is rapidly becoming the new way of doing business, and Condition Monitoring is typical of those services.

Till now “in house” Condition Monitoring required a large capital outlay for equipment, and continuous skills training to keep a sufficient level of knowledge within the company, but with Total Customer Support from Tensor these two problems are solved.

Tensor Systems owns and rents the equipment and works with in house people at any level, to provide advanced warning of machinery condition deterioration, to provide time for repair or replacement planning. And because it’s all done via the internet, the world is our market place.

Wheels within wheels