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Our Online Machine Condition Monitoring Systems using vibration, speed, load, electrical & oil analysis costs as little as $35 per sensor per month to our clients, for a minimum of 3 years, and has a “once only” installation, high quality data base construction and commissioning cost.

Total Customer Support (TCM) assures clients of timely analysis and trend information in plane English, so they can enjoy the benefits of Condition Monitoring without having to become experts.

Unattended, it measures, analyses and trends 24/7 year after year. Automated diagnostics then separate and trend shaft, gear and bearing faults groups accurately.

Automated diagnostics then accurately separate and trend shaft, gear and bearing faults groups. It is this automation that detects and trends small bearing faults in the presence of much higher, but normal gear vibrations, that saves huge amounts of analysis time.

Humans are not good at this endless very detailed analysis, and quickly get bored and miss things.

SMS messages are sent immediately to all on the list when a significant trend alarm is breached, so key personnel are aware of the situation. Status emails are also sent to all on the list each morning.

This is where the cost benefit appears, compared to walk around systems which require personnel to spend more time analyzing than measuring, and often provide only 1 measurement per month. Compare the cost / benefit ratio of your existing system to this one and prove it to yourself.

Tensor Permanent Monitoring System

Tensor supplies :
msc-arrow Sensors and connectors
msc-arrow Comm’s wire & wireless hardware (not wires)
msc-arrow Software suite
msc-arrow Training
msc-arrow Database setup
msc-arrow Alarm limit setting
msc-arrow Ongoing Condition Monitoring consulting (TCS)
msc-arrow Ongoing System support, all aspects (TCS)
msc-arrow Electrical drawings of system
msc-arrow Mech drawings of sensor position, orientation & fixing methods
msc-arrow Installation and Commissioning supervision of site trades people
Our client supplies :
msc-arrow Sensor and LAN cables and running of these cables
msc-arrow Comm’s cables are generally Cat 5 or 6 for LAN’s.
msc-arrow Directional aerials for a wireless system