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Technology: Trending Sync and Non Sync Vibration

The spectrum is first divided into many “bands” each with a frequency range that captures several typical faults, and is further divided into sync lines and non sync lines and each group is trended.

Separate trending of these parameters allows trending of small bearing faults in the presence of larger gear vibrations, in a fully automated manner, without needing to calculate bearing frequencies.

Not needing to know the exact bearing information is a major advantage as this information is rarely known for sure, ie. is it a steel or brass cage presently in the machine, as the number of balls will be different.

Sync spectrum - Analyser - Online Condition Monitoring System

Without this crucial separation a moderate bearing fault makes almost no difference to a moderate gear fault, see the “total” trend (last) in this example.

SMS messages are sent immediately to all on the list when a significant trend alarm is breached, so key personnel are aware the situation. Status emails are sent to all on the list each morning.