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Installation and Commissioning

Tensor Systems will, in conjunction with the client :-
msc-arrowSpecify and provide electrical drawings for all equipment in the system.
msc-arrowSupervise the clients mechanical and electrical trades people during installation.
msc-arrowCommission the system by testing all sensor, digitiser, and software outputs, and then set limits.
msc-arrowTrain client personnel to any level of understanding required by the client, from simply responding to the “traffic light” display to in-depth frequency analysis.

A 2D representation of the time and frequency domains with the sources of each frequency.

Any real world time domain signal is composed of many sine waves, each from a particular part of the machine, and what we see on an oscilloscope is the algebraic sum of these signals, which appears complex to the eye.

The fft process can decompose that complex signal into it’s individual frequencies without loss of data, and each frequency represents one of the pure sine waves, that when added together create the initial complex waveform.

Machine vibration is seen in experiments in both the time and frequency domains depending on how we choose to display it, not because it is one or the other.

You can also think about it like an photon, which can appear as a particle or a wave depending on the experiment, not because it is one or the other. And possibly, in the case of the photon, if we could perceive more than the 4 dimensions, it would appear in yet more forms.

Time and Frequency domain - Analyser - Online Condition Monitoring System